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Season 6 Podcast Thumbnails 062 Jun 2021
Is Customer Value Optimization the Real Silver Bullet of eCommerce? | 66Sadaf Beynon

Customer rate optimisation is typically seen as the magic pill that can make any business profitable. But it doesn’t create conversions that are beneficial to the business. How then do we turn our customers into repeat customers?

Season 6 Podcast Thumbnails 0523 May 2021
How to Create Social Media Content that Converts | 65Sadaf Beynon

Comments, likes and shares are great for boosting visibility and increasing engagement but that doesn’t necessarily mean more conversions. Social media success is not an exact science but done right it has massive potential for lead generation.

Chloe Thomas 0620 May 2021
The REAL Personal Touch (a sneak peak from this year’s eCommerce Masterplan Summit) | 64Sadaf Beynon

In eCommerce personalisation goes far beyond the welcome messages and product recommendations. It’s the key to long term profitability.

Season 6 Podcast Thumbnails 0413 May 2021
How To 10x Your Investment With An Agency Partner | 63Sadaf Beynon

There are many ways to market and grow our business online and (thankfully) there are plenty of eCommerce agencies that can help solve the challenge for us. But how is a business owner to decide which agency to work with?

Season 6 Podcast Thumbnails 035 May 2021
From Startup to Growth with Maureen Mwangi | 62Sadaf Beynon

When you’re first starting a business do you know what you need to get from zero to the first couple of hundred dollars or pounds?

Season 6 Podcast Thumbnails 0329 Apr 2021
Things To Think About When Choosing An eCommerce Platform | 61Sadaf Beynon

One of the biggest challenges of growing and scaling your business is dealing with the limitations of a third-party platform. Too often entrepreneurs buy into the hype of a well marketed platform only to discover it isn't right for their business.

Season 6 Podcast Thumbnail Ideas 0122 Apr 2021
How To Beat Amazon At Its Own Game | 60Sadaf Beynon

Without a doubt, Amazon is at the top of the food chain when it comes to the eCommerce marketplace. But where does that leave the rest of us?

Thumbnail 11 Apr 2021
Creative That Drives The Click Through | 59Sadaf Beynon

With a current average of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being produced by humans every day, it is safe to say that the struggle to create attention grabbing content is real!

Thumbnail 325 Mar 2021
How Automation Can Help Your Business | 58Sadaf Beynon

Automation isn’t just big corporations swapping out humans for robots. It’s just as relevant for small businesses who are also using software tools for everyday efficiency and productivity.

Fara Podcast Video Thumbnail18 Mar 2021
How Bots Can Help Grow Your eCommerce Business | 57Sadaf Beynon

Learn everything you need to know about chatbots and decide whether they are right for your business.

Thumbnail 23 Mar 2021
Personalising the Customer Journey to Increase Lifetime Value | 56Sadaf Beynon

Customer relationships lead to sustained business growth.

Podcast Video Thumbnail Darwin Liu24 Feb 2021
How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Your eCommerce Startup? | 55Sadaf Beynon

You’ve slogged through the hard work of researching your product and planning your business. You’ve secured the funding, created the website and made that first sale. But what about the rewards? When are you going to start raking in the profits?