Debbie Gribson
Launch Party

(Josh's 18th Birthday)

CharactersHere's a list of all the characters coming to the Party. Make sure you read up before you come over.
Paula Abdul2POLLY ABDOOL - Pop Idol & Choreographer

Polly Abdool is the peculiar pop idol and wife of Nork from Pork. An avid cartoon fan, she has a fascination with drawing cartoon cat characters. She is a fun-loving girl, but it seems that after she was married two years ago, she started going a little nutzo! Played by: Abby Kane

NorkfromporkNORK FROM PORK - Television Star

Nork is one of the most bizarre television actors in Hollywood! Rumour has it that he was a struggling actor who got lucky landing a sitcom role of a stranded alien on the planet Earth. Seven years later, Nork has assumed the identity of the fictional character and lives his life by the ways of Planet Pork - both on and off camera! Played by: Ben Virr

Toni Basil Hey MickeyTONI OREGANO - Pop Star & Mogwai Rescuer

Toni Oregano came out of the woodwork with her hit cheerleading- themed single Hey Dickie! The world has been awaiting another hit from this pop diva, but it’s been two years of radio silence. People wonder why she still wears her iconic cheerleading outfit. Toni spends most of her time tending to her Mogwai rescue. Played by: Jenny Bramley

DebbiegibsonDEBBIE GRIBSON - Pop Idol

Debbie Gribson is an intolerable, high-maintenance teen idol. This pop icon is known by Hollywood insiders as being difficult to work with, as she’s extremely demanding. Because of her fame and success, she gets whatever she wants. Toni Oregano is the only one that Debbie considers to be a true friend. Played by: Abi Sharples

Daniel SanDANNY SON - Karate Champion

Danny Son is the American black belt Karate champion. He was raised by a single mother in a poor neighbourhood but was taken in by an old Karate master who trained him to become the most feared Karate competitor in the nation. Played by: Josh Edmundson.

Cindy LauperLINDY LAUPER - Singer & Songwriter

Lindy Lauper is a fun-loving and eccentric pop star. She is known for her ever-changing colourful hair and crazy clothing, as well as her unique high-pitched voice! Just about every teenage girl has a Lindy Lauper tape in her cassette player! Played by: Catherine Theophanus.

CrocdundeeALLIGATOR DUNDEE - Wilderness Expert

Alligator Dundee is quickly rising to international fame with his rugged charm and uncanny animal handling skills. He is known in Australia as an alligator hunter and charismatic wilderness guru. In America, these manly attributes have landed him a spot in Hollywood as an upcoming film star! Played by: Zak Edmundson

DavidbowieDAVE BOUIE - Pop Star and Actor

Dave Bouie is one of the most legendary music icons of his time. Many say it’s only a matter of time before this chap is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hailing from England, Dave is a bestselling music artist with hits on both the US and UK charts. Not one to rest between projects and tours, Dave also has an illustrious acting career on the stages of Broadway, television, and the Hollywood big screen. Played by: Jeremy Prince.

Jessica RabbitJESSICA BUNNY - Femme Fatale ‘Cartoon Rabbit’

Jessica Bunny performed the voice behind the famous femme fatale cartoon rabbit of the same name from the movie Who Framed Ralph Bunny? She insists upon wearing a Jessica Bunny costume and going by the stage name of Jessica Bunny, so everybody will know she was the voice behind the film character. Most Hollywood gossipers say she needs to move on with her career! Played by: Mim Napper.

LouisLOUIE SKULLNICK - College Student & Frat Boy

Louie Skullnick is a nerdy computer major and frat boy from the fraternity Lambda Pi at the local university. He is an aspiring film star and rap artist. However, he hasn’t had luck with kick-starting his career in the entertainment industry. He is also a talented inventor and shows a lot of promise in the field of engineering. Played by: Jacob Sharples.

ScarefaceSCABFACE - Mobster

Originally hailing from Cuba, Scabface came to America in search of fortune and fame and quickly rose to become a legendary mob boss in Miami, Florida. Famous for a never-healing sore on his face, he is one to be feared in the streets of Miami. Played by: Jed Kane.

OzzyosbourneNOZZY NOSBORN - Rock Star

Nozzy Nosborn is the wild and crazy rock star often referred to as the Prince of Nightshade. He is a vampire bat farmer and is one of the biggest rock icons of the ‘80s. Take heed when you are around this untamed rocker, as he is very unpredictable during social gatherings. Played by: Gareth Butcher


Spunky Brewster is the lucky orphan who landed an awesome role as an orphan in a self-named television sitcom! Her pigtails and silly socks are what she is known for, and this is one television star who knows how to tell a joke! Played by: Zoë Edmundson

Teen WolfHOWARD SCOTT - Teenage Werewolf

Keep Howard Scott happy or you might pay the price! Howard is the little brother of Nork from Pork and a talented high school basketball star. He, unfortunately, has a major anger management problem! Howard only found out recently that his emotions can lead to some hairy situations. Played by: Rhys Peel.

MadonnaFADONNA - Pop star

Fadonna is one of the most famous pop stars of the ‘80s. She came to Hollywood to make it big, and her time has definitely arrived. She is a tad spoiled and demanding at times, but this is one musical diva that knows how to party! Played by: Cat Bramley

ElviraEL VAMPIRA - Diva of the Dark

El Vampira is a celebrity who gained her fame by hosting a late-night television show. Her alternative name isDiva of the Dark, as she’s known for Gothic fashion and speaks with a creepy voice. This is one super spooky diva! Played by: Hannah Middleman.

BanglesMUFFY BANGLES - ‘80s Valley Girl

Like, oh, my gosh, let’s throw on leg warmers, snag Daddy’s credit cards, and go shopping at the Galleria! Muffy spends all of her free time with her best friends shopping and going to outrageous parties. This is one Valley girl who knows everyone in the in-crowd. Played by: Anna Watson.

PrepBIFF BUFFMAN - ‘80s Prep

Biff Buffman is an ultra-snooty prep that spends his days with his buddies at the local country club. Biff and his friends all have sizeable trust funds and spend minimal time at their fathers’ companies learning the ropes for the one day that they will take over. Until that day, they will spend their time impulsively enjoying their life of leisure. Played by: Zak Lloyd.

MollyMOLLY MINGMOLD - ‘Wanted-to-be Prom Queen’

Molly Mingmold is the lonely spinster and antisocial wanted-to-be prom queen. She never got over being cheated out of going to her high school prom by a vicious prankster, Long Duck Dundee. Today, she is obsessed with wearing the pink prom dress that she made and never got the chance to wear. Some people say this trauma caused her to be a social outcast since high school. Over the lonely years, she’s become obsessed with solving the Rubik's cube - over and over again. Played by: Sharon Edmundson.

Davidleeroth2DAVEY LEE BROTH - Lead Singer of the Rock Band Von Hulen

Davey Lee Broth is the outrageous lead singer of the ‘80s heavy metal rock band Von Hulen. The Von Hulen roadies and groupies know to stay clear of this wild frontman at all costs. He is one of the most unpredictable rockers! Davey Lee is always seen wearing ‘80s glam band attire with tight spandex pants and teased-up hair. Played by: Dan Lawrence.

BreakdanceTURBOZONE GOOBALO - ‘Wannabe Famous’ Break Dancer

Turbozone Goobalo is famous in the break dancing underground scene. On the surface, he is a fun-loving party animal, but every move he makes is secretly designed to help him achieve fame and fortune. He is a compulsive rhymer who always has a boom box with him. He loves to show off his break dancing skills and will perform for anyone who can wire him into the Hollywood scene. Played by: Nathan Page-Jones.

GymnastLANY LOU METTON - Olympic Gold Medalist

Lany Lou Metton is a kleptomaniac Olympic gold medalist. This gymnast is no stranger to behavioural therapy, but she still can’t keep her hands off things that don’t belong to her. Her real motive for attending the party is that she secretly has a crush on Alligator Dundee. This might be a case of ‘a love-struck fan turned stalker!’ Played by: Alice Burnett

MrtMR. D - Soldier of Fortune and Leader of the ‘C Team’

Mr. D is the incensed leader of an underground troupe of soldiers of fortune called the C Team. A team for hire, the C Team can be called upon to solve any problem. Mr. D is often invited to VIP events around Hollywood - even though he is notorious for his unpredictable fits of rage. Played by: David Obadan.

JimJAMEY CAKKER - Television Evangelist

Jamey Cakker is the most scandalous television evangelist the world has ever seen! The media is covering the investigation of Jamey for over 10 alleged crimes of embezzlement, fraud, illegal gambling and even an Olympic game scandal. This slimy evangelist won't stop until he gets what he wants, even if it harms those closest to him - or lands his mug on the front page of the trash tabloids. Played by: Chamod.

TammyFAMMY TAYE CAKKER - President of the Debbie Gribson Fan Club

Fammy Taye Cakker is the wife of the creepy TV Evangelist, Jamey Cakker. She is the head of the Debbie Gribson fan club and is a compulsive gambler. She has a lacrimal gland dysfunction, and her eyes constantly water and streak mascara down her heavily made-up face. She claims to stream tears of sympathy because her husband is dealing with multiple scandals in the media. Played by: Nevoda.

MontanaBO PONTANA - NFL Quarterback

Bo Pontana is a famous NFL quarterback and three-time Super Bowl champion. He prefers not to speak much since he has a bad stuttering problem and sprays saliva when he talks. Some deem this non-communication as antisocial or apathetic, but Bo actually cares about the social scene. Due to his NFL fame, he is wired into the Hollywood network and social ladder-climbers love to befriend him. Played by: Dan Canning.

NinjaHANNAH SHELL - Fan Club President of 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

Hannah Shell is an insanely crazed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan and the fanatical founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Club. She will do anything to recruit new members, as she feels that the more members that are in her club, the more attention that she might get from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Played by: Sarah Kennedy.

SpyJANIE BOND - International Double Secret Agent

Janie Bond is the beautiful and mysterious double secret agent and wife of the infamous international double secret agent Jay ‘Double 7’ Bond. She is also the sister of Nork from Pork...but that is all anyone truly knows about her. Played by: Anna Catchpole.

BelindaMELINDA PARNILE - Lead Singer of ‘The No No’s’

Melinda Parnile is the tough-hearted lead singer of the pop band ‘The No No’s'. Melinda is a compulsive liar who adores her little dog, Bangles, more than the people around her. She’s cold-hearted and insensitive. However, fame has its privileges, and she’s got more than her share of people in her inner circle willing to cater to her every meticulous need. Played by: Rebekah Brown

GhostIVAN STINKMAN - Ghost Catcher

Ivan Pingmold is the wacky scientist-turned-ghost catcher. He has a huge flatulence problem and often blames his sneaky stenches on the ghosts around him. Most of the city believes Ivan’s company is a sham, but his business has been growing astronomically in the last year, nonetheless. Played by: Stephen Sammons.

MagnumTOMMY MAGNUS - Private Investigator

Hailing all the way from Oahu, Hawaii, Tommy Magnus is the tenacious private investigator and respected veteran. Tommy is a former Navy SEAL. Rumour has it that he still works for a top-secret government agency. He’s also in the private sector for hire. Played by: Nathan Prior

Charlie SheenCHARLES SPLEEN - Hollywood Actor

Lingering in the shadows of his brother’s limelight, Charles Spleen is more of a fashion icon of the ‘80s than a film actor. Charles soaks up the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but doesn’t seem to put in the man-hours or work as hard as the rest of his famous family. Played by: Micah De Gruchy

EmilioestevezEMERIL ESTEVEZ - Hollywood Actor

Born to famous Hollywood icons, Emeril Estevez is the oldest sibling in a family of famous faces. Emeril’s career is flourishing on both sides of the camera. He’s the leader of the Hollywood Brat Packand is one of the most sought after young actors in Hollywood. Played by: Josh Catchpole

Pat BenatarCAT FENAFAR - Pop Guitarist and Singer

Cat Fenafar is a peculiar pop guitarist who always seems to have a hit song on the pop charts. She is rather bizarre and demanding, as she once made her roadies sort out hundreds of green M&M's for her dressing room with no intentions of eating them. Cat Fenafar often forgets that she came from a poverty-stricken childhood, and is the ultimate snoot to everyone around her. Played by: Melissa Page-Jones

LlcooljJ. J. COOL BEANS - Rapper, Film Star

One of the first rap artists on the scene, J. J. Cool Beans is an extremely talented lyricist, performer, and film star. J.J. works from sun up to sun down, and is highly dedicated to becoming the number one celebrity in Hollywood. Not one to party or spend time socializing, it is amazing that J.J. sent in an RSVP to Debbie’s album release party. Played by Jacob Mahyar.

Anthony Michael HallANDY MICKEY HALLS - Hollywood Actor

A member of theHollywood Brat Pack,Andy Mickey Halls plays the geeky teen role well. In fact, many say he’s played it too well and will never be taken seriously on the big screen. Nevertheless, Andy doesn’t seem to mind, as he’s raking in the dough for now. Played by - Will Rigby

Vanilla ice 9ICE CREAM - Rapper

Known as the ultimate hip-hop emcee, Ice Cream hails from New Jersey, but now resides in Hollywood, California. A charming, fast talking music innovator, Ice Cream is always spotted at the most exclusive parties rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Played by Joe Mallet

ToomTom Cruised - Head Barman

Tom is the handsome and debonair chap who will be managing the Mocktails & Dreams Bar for the evening. He will be the host, ensuring that everyone is having a good time! Tips welcome. Played by Matt Edmundson.