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eCommerce Masterclass 2020

Know where to start, find the opportunities and gain the confidence you need to build your own online store in just 6 weeks.

Glad I signed up for the eCommerce Masterclass course. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start an eCommerce business. If you already have an eCommerce business, still attend the course because you will find it valuable. Matt has so much experience, knowledge and insight. I learnt so much and looking forward to implementing what I've learned. Thanks, Matt!

— Ade

New Masterclass

Great Master Class ... well structured, heaps of relevant information and delivered in your usual mercurial manner. Very useful and even I understood it!

— Chandra

I am getting a lot from the training and find it particularly valuable that I can trust the integrity of the trainer - you, vs some other online "gurus" who I always question their motives and legitimacy.

— Noah

The confidence to start your eCommerce business

This course builds on the foundation of the JERSEY framework: a proven process that brings together the 6 critical elements of eCommerce to build your online business.

Each module contains about 90 minutes of teaching that will lead you through each of the 6 critical elements of eCommerce and show you how they can be used to set up your own online store in the next 6 weeks. The course shows you exactly where to start and gives you the confidence you need to get going.

This is a great course that has given me the confidence to get off my backside and start to make something happen. I have been thinking of setting up some sort of online business for ages but haven’t really known where to start. This fantastic course gave me a step by step guide as to how to go about setting one up...

— Graeme

...I found myself looking forward to the sessions because of how many ideas it gave me for going forward. There is a great deal of sound advice which I don’t think I would have thought of by myself but which really makes sense and I think has greatly increased the chances of my new business succeeding...

— Graeme

...The course is broken into logical sections which each have a particular focus but all fit into a clear overall structure. This makes the course easy to follow. It also helps you to always have the big picture in mind even when going through some topics in detail....

— Graeme

...Because you can ask questions as you go along, you can get advice on issues particular to your business idea. I think if I was going to make a suggestion it would be that the really helpful suggested plan of action Matt gives at the end of a session was available as a download but you can always look it up on the session video. I really recommend it.

— Graeme

Module Overview

Here's an overview of what you will be doing over 6 modules.
Jam Jar
Module 1 - JAMJAR Funnel

How to figure out the perfect product to sell online without breaking the bank. This is a must-watch module even if you already have products to sell because they may not work online.

Module 2 - ENGINEER

How to navigate the technology even if you're not tech-savvy.

Module 3 - RESONATE

How to set out your website in order to convert visitors to customers and maximise your website sales.

Module 4 - SEND

Digital Marketing Strategies & tactics you can easily use to find new customers and build your business.


Deliver the best customer experience and build a solid reputation and fan base.

Module 6 - YO-YO

Create a plan to build a repeatable and referrable business and transform your future.

The content of the course was incredible, with both many useful overall strategies and individual nugget gems, with some great personal experiences.

- Ian

Watch the introductory video from Module 1

… Many thanks Matt! Really appreciate what you're doing and how you are helping us all.

— Jay

What's included & bonusesThis is where I should tell you about all the amazing bonuses that you'll get in the Mastermind, but I am not going to try and pressure you with scarcity sales techniques and phoney high-priced bonuses (that should have been included in the course anyway). What I will do is give you an overview of what is actually included:

Online access to all 6 modules. This equates to 9 hours of teaching on all the critical elements of eCommerce.

Learn at your own pace as each module is broken down into smaller, individual lessons.

Build as you go! You won’t need to wait until the end of the course before you can start to action your ideas and strategies.

FREE 6-month subscription to KD (my eCommerce Platform of choice) if you want it.

My email address to ask any questions that come up.

No over-promising and under delivering.

No techno-babble without accompanying translation.

Clear practical, and workable strategies that you easily put in place.

A Very Impressive Masterclass! I enrolled in Matt’s masterclass to see if there were opportunities for our company to pursue in eCommerce. To explain, we are a services company in the childcare and employment agency sectors, but as a team, we had engaged in some brief conversations about selling content online. I, therefore, approached the course to see if we can build on this idea.

— Ian

...Whilst the course is predominantly based on selling physical goods online, there were some excellent tips for service-based products as well. As an aside, there were also a few things I’ve looked at in what we are already doing, and how we can improve in a few areas....

— Ian

...The content of the course was incredible, with both many useful overall strategies and individual nugget gems, with some great personal experiences. Matt has a fantastic knowledge of e-commerce, and his logical trains of thought he utilises are very helpful. Amongst the detail, Matt’s route through is very clear and I could follow it very well...

— Ian

...I would seriously recommend this course for anyone interested in looking to explore e-commerce and set up a business in it. 5 stars.

— Ian

What makes this course different?

When it comes to building an eCommerce business, there are so many outdated books on Amazon (just read through the reviews and you’ll see what I mean) or complicated ideas all promising the latest silver bullet that will never deliver.

There is all the tech talk that no one really understands, the confusion, and the expense. Where do you even begin? Well, I don’t think building an eCommerce business should be difficult or confusing. I think eCommerce can be a massive force for good, for the small local business. I simply help people cut through the confusion, the nonsense, and the over-promising sales talk, so they can build their eCommerce business.

I thought that the course was excellent, providing a really straightforward approach to setting up and running an effective eCommerce store. Additionally, you delivered the course in a very engaging manner with tangible examples at every stage, together with real-life examples. That, in itself, helped put it into perspective rather than coming across as a purely academic exercise.

Really enjoyed the course... It was very informative and insightful. Thank you very much…

- Ade

Overall a very good course. Very well communicated and it is very obvious that you have so much knowledge about the whole e-com demand/supply.

— Stine

Ecommerce masterclass 2020 b
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Let me be clear - this course will not teach you how to create a flash in the pan eCommerce business. This is about creating a good, honest, sustainable website that brings in money for you, day after day - even while you sleep. That means, although I’ve made the JERSEY framework bitesize and easy to follow, you will have to put in the work. And if you do - you’ll have a great eCommerce business. No doubt!

As well as work, you are going to have to invest in this course. This helps support what we do and it will be more likely that you will put in the work required if you have skin in the game. That said, I am currently running a very special offer for lockdown because I want to help as many folks develop their online business as possible.

For a limited time only, I am discounting this Masterclass from $497 to just $97 during the lockdown crisis. You'll still need to put in the work and I would ask you for an honest review at the end of the course, but do hurry and take advantage of this offer.

The “eCommerce Masterclass” course was excellent, well-structured, and easy to follow. The content covered all areas of the lifecycle of an eCommerce site. From creation and marketing to optimization and strategy. The challenges at the end of the lessons helped me conceive and build my action plan for my future eCommerce adventure. Your presentation skills were impeccable, and your in-depth knowledge of the subject made the course a fantastic learning experience. Thank you very much indeed!

— Dimitra