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The Collab Project

We love to do eCommerce consulting and coaching. It has literally taken us around the world to work with some incredible people on some amazing businesses.

Usually, the business that we work with is great at what they do. They have a great product or an incredible service, and they have invaluable experience (it’s the reason where they are). Some folks are good at sales, some are good at Social Media and some have a great history in bricks and mortar businesses. Yet for whatever reason, they cannot translate that into a great eCommerce site. It’s a common problem that we see time and time again.

So we created The Collab Project.

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What does Aurion bring?

What do you need to bring?

What are the costs?

How do we make money?

The Collab Process

Phase One: Ready

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Phase Two: Start

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How to Apply

If you have a great business or product and you are looking to partner with us to build your eCommerce business, then you can apply online using the link below.

Apply for the Collab Project

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