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Latest Podcast Episodes

Season 8 Thumbnails 07 124 Mar 2022
Technology Isn't The Issue - You Are!Sadaf Beynon

Technology is often blamed for all of society's problems, but what if the problem was us?

Season 8 Thumbnails 06 117 Mar 2022
Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Ads and Start Google AdvertisingSadaf Beynon

"Facebook Ads are dead!" You've probably heard that a million times before. But is it true and are you better off the sooner you start using Google Advertising?

Season 8 Thumbnails 129 Mar 2022
Maximising the Lifetime Value of a CustomerSadaf Beynon

We all know that it's more profitable to keep a customer than to acquire a new one but most businesses don’t know how to do this effectively.

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